Margarida Casal



Main scientific interests and expertise Biology, Microbiology, Microbial Molecular Genetics, Yeast Classic and Molecular Genetics. Molecular Biotechnology. Structural Biology. Synthetic Protein Biotechnology. My academic profile can be checked in:;hl=pt-PT&oi=ao; Scopus Author ID 7102313058. I have authored 9 patents, 8 book chapters and 119 ISI publications (first one published in 1995) that accumulate at the present time 2938 citations (ISI), which corresponds to an h-index of 30 (September, 2018). I supervised 16 pos-Doc, 23 PhD, 23 Master students and 42 grantees. I was invited as a speaker to 37 lectures in national and international symposia. I am Referee of 22 Journals indexed in ISI and Scopus. I have evaluated research projects submitted to funding agencies from Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium as well as from FCT, FP7, IFS and ESF. From 2013-16 I was the Head of the Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology awarded by FCT with EXCELLENT in the scope of National Evaluation of R&D Units From June 2016-November 2017 I was the Dean of the School of Sciences at UMinho. Since the 27th of November 2017 I am the Vice-Rector for Education at UMinho. I am the Coordinator of the FCT Doctoral Program in Applied and Environmental Microbiology ( I was president of the organizing committee of five national and two international conferences. I am Principal Investigator and/or Participant of more than 50 projects. As PI, in the last 5 years I raised about 3,5 M€ of funding. My current scientific interests are in: i) Structural-functional analysis of plasma membrane transporters. The main outcomes of my work is to uncover of the genes encoding monocarboxylic acid transporters, namely Jen1 and Ady2 in yeast, and YaaH/SatP in bacteria. By using an assortment of biological materials, covering bacteria, yeasts and human cancer cells, I am focused on solving the structure of carboxylic acid permeases and understanding how they work and selectively transport the carboxylic acids. ii) Recombinant protein-based polymers (rPBPs). The aim is of my research is to design, produce, characterize and develop applications for rPBPs inspired on the structure of silk and elastin, providing an extraordinary tool to create self-structured and “smart” (stimuli responsive) biopolymers. The use of rPBPs inspired on elastin and silk structures is being oriented for biotechnology and biomedical applications, such as tissue engineering scaffolds. In the scope of this developments in 2012 I was founder and currently partner of the spin-off company NanoDelivery, I&D in Bionanotechnology, Lda. Present positions - Vice-Rector for Education, UMinho. 2017- present - Full Professor - Professora Catedrática, School of Sciences, UMinho - Director of the Doctoral Program in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (DP_AEM) - Vice-President of the "Sociedade Portuguesa de Genética", 2010-present (elected).

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