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Masoud Mozafari (2013-08-11)

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The critical need for biomaterials has led us to answer this question “what is the ideal replacement of lost tissues?” The gold standard is absolutely the same native tissue, which directed us to the concept of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. My research interest involves the understanding of whole field of biomaterials with respect to biological interactions, and also delivery systems for potentially useful stem cell and genetic purposes. I am currently working on several areas including: • Synthesizing new biodegradable nanocomposites for engineering new organs (e.g. tendon, ligament, meniscus, bone, and tooth). • Surface engineering of bone and dental implants for achieving better osseointegration and avoiding failure over time. • Direct transplantation of cells grown in the laboratory, and activating cells in the defect site with specific biological signals. • Mathematical modeling of cell behavior on different surfaces and predicting cell-material interactions.
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