Ian Nicholls



Ian A. Nicholls (born 1962) is an academic working at the crossroads of chemistry, medicine, physics, and materials engineering/nanotechnology. The common theme underlying Nicholls’ research is the design, study and application of biomimetic materials. He gained his BSc(hons) in chemistry from the University of Melbourne (Australia), then undertook his PhD in medicinal chemistry under the supervision of Professors Paul F. Alewood, Peter R. Andrews and David J. Craik at the Victorian College of Pharmacy through the University of Melbourne. A year (1989) as lecturer in chemistry at Victoria University of Technology was followed by post-doctoral studies at Cambridge University, UK, with Prof Dudley H. Williams FRS (1990-1992) and with Prof Klaus Mosbach at Lund University, Sweden (1992-1994). A subsequent year as lecturer in applied biochemistry in Lund (1994-1995) was followed (1995) by appointment as senior lecturer in physical chemistry at the University of Kalmar (Sweden, since 2010 Linnæus University), then (1998) as senior lecturer in bioorganic chemistry. In 1998 he was awarded the title “docent” (associate professor) in organic chemistry by the Engineering Faculty of Lund University. In February 2000 Nicholls was appointed to the Chair of Bioorganic Chemistry in Kalmar. After periods as Head of the School of Natural Sciences (2007-2012: ≈260 staff, budget ≈ 34m USD/annum), and Director of the Linnæus University Center for Biomaterials Chemistry, he was appointed to his current posts, dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (2012 - present, 440 staff, 1800 FTSE, budget ≈ 70m USD) and deputy pro vice chancellor. In addition, he has had shorter sabbatical and visiting positions in Japan and New Zealand, respectively, and has held a visiting professorship in Bioorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden, since 2010, and in Materials Science and Engineering at Jiangsu University, PRC since 2014.

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