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Statistical ecology - Bayesian computing

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Cajo J.F. ter Braak (1954) has studied Biology with second major Mathematics (1977, Utrecht University, the Netherlands) and Statistics (1980, MSc by research, University of Newcastle upon Tyne , England). He holds a PhD degree from Wageningen University (1987, thesis “Unimodal models to relate species to environment”). His main research contributions have been in the field of statistical ecology and, after 2001, also in the field of statistical genetics and Bayesian analysis and computation. He received the Distinguished Statistical Ecologist award at INTECOL 1998 and is ISI Highly Cited in the field of Ecology/Environment. He is the senior author of Canoco. Currently he is professor of Multivariate Analysis in the Life Sciences at Biometris (Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics Centre), Wageningen University and Research Centre, the Netherlands.
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