Chandan Pal



I'm a computational biologist (bioinformatician) working as a senior scientist at the Plant Health and Environment Laboratory of Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in Auckland, New Zealand. My current work focuses on the application of the latest DNA sequencing technologies to improve current surveillance and diagnostic strategies in the biosecurity area and investigation of various diseases in plants and animals. I play a leading role in analysing DNA sequence data and providing scientific advice to answer biological questions for pests and diseases using latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies in various projects, surveillance programs, investigations, and responses for both Plant Health and Animal Health Laboratories of MPI. I’m also involved in a range of research projects in pest and disease biology area as a lead scientist and as a co-investigator. As a computing person, I also administer the Linux desktop environment for PHEL and High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster for laboratory scientists at PHEL and AHL and develop bioinformatics pipelines for DNA data analysis for different teams across labs. I started working for MPI in March 2017. Before that, I was located in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I obtained my Ph.D. in medical sciences (bioinformatics) from the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Gothenburg. During my Ph.D., I studied the effects of antibacterial biocides (e.g. antiseptics, disinfectants) and metals (e.g. copper, silver) on antibiotic resistance using genomic and metagenomic approaches. Previously, I received a master degree in Post-genomic science from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom and a bachelor degree in Applied Science (microbiology) from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand. I have a deep interest in bacterial, viral, fungal, insects and other animal genomics, metagenomics, metabarcoding, environmental DNA (eDNA), antimicrobial resistance, microbial community ecology, the human, animal and environmental microbiomes. I also have an interest in developing biological databases and bioinformatics software/tools. Personal website: LinkedIn: ResearchGate: Google Scholar:

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