Álvaro Seiça



Álvaro Seiça (b. 1983, Aveiro, Portugal) is a writer, editor and researcher. He published four poetry books, the most recent being 'Ö' (2014) and 'permafrost: 20+1 zeptopoemas sms' (2012). He holds a MA in Contemporary American Literature, with the thesis “Transduction: Transfer Processes in Digital Literature and Art” (University of Évora, 2011), winner of the Moser Prize 2013. Seiça has published several poems and essays in different journals. In 2007, he co-founded Bypass (http://bypass.bigcartel.com), a nomadic editorial and curatorial project. He currently lives in Bergen, Norway, where he is a PhD fellow in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen, Humanities Faculty, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies. Seiça is a researcher on electronic literature and digital art at the Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group and editor of the ELMCIP KB (http://elmcip.net). His PhD project focus on digital poetry and how time and space shape digital kinetic poetics.

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