Ana Cavaleiro

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Ana Cavaleiro, (married, 2 daughters) was born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, on the 29th January of 1944. Academic qualifications: degree in Chemical Engineer at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, in 1968; Master of Science (1973, University of Liverpool, UK); PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, (1985, University of Aveiro); Agregação in Chemistry (University of Aveiro, 1999). Professional career: University of Lourenço Marques, Moçambique (1968-1974); University of Aveiro: since 1975. She is now Full Professor retired. She has been at the University of Aveiro almost since the foundation of the University, being thoroughly involved in the preparation, organization and development of the Chemistry Department. Her lecturing activities have focused on inorganic and industrial inorganic Chemistry. She has participated in several Commissions and has held directive positions, namely President of the Department during 2 years (from 1/10/91 to 11/10/93) and Member of the Directive board for another 4 years. Her scientific interests are centered now on the synthesis, structural studies and applications of W, Mo and Nb polyoxometalates, including transition metal- or lanthanide-substituted polyoxometalates new materials, with possible applications in catalysis, electrochemistry, non-linear optics and others. She has supervised the several M. Sc. Thesis and PhD thesis. Her scientific activity takes place at the Chemistry Department and at CICECO.
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