James McDermott



My BSc was in computer science with maths, in University College Galway (now NUI Galway). After, I worked on supercomputing for Compaq/HP in Galway. I found my way back into university via my interest in computer music, which led to the Centre for Computer Music and Computational Musicology in UL. I did my PhD there, on the topic of Evolutionary Computation Applied to Sound Synthesis (2008), supervised by Dr. Niall JL Griffith and Dr. Michael O'Neill and funded by IRCSET. In 2008 I came to UCD for postdoctoral research in the Natural Computing Research & Applications group (NCRA). My research was on grammatical evolution, representations in evolutionary computation, and evolutionary design. It was funded by IRCSET Empower. In 2010 I moved to MIT funded by the IRCSET-Marie Curie Inspire scheme. I worked with Prof. Una-May O'Reilly and the EvoDesignOpt group on representations in evolutionary computation with emphasis on graphical representations. The collaboration with the NCRA continues since I moved back to UCD in February 2012. In September 2012 I started working as a Lecturer in the UCD School of Business. I was co-chair of EvoMUSART 2013 and 2014 and publication chair of EuroGP 2015.

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