Antonio Guerrieri



Antonio Guerrieri graduated in Chemistry at the University of Bari (Italy) in 1984. He did his postgraduate studies at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bari, receiving his Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences (curriculum Analytical Methodologies and Instrumentation) in 1988. Researcher from June 1990 to October 1992 at the Faculty of Science, University of Bari, from November 1992 till now Antonio Guerrieri is Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, now Department of Sciences, at University of Basilicata (Potenza, Italy). He teach analytical chemistry in the chemistry and biotechnologies courses of his University, as well as in Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences. Antonio Guerrieri was and is Head of Chemistry Courses, Head of Biotechnology Courses as well as Member of Board of Governors and Vice Rector for Triennial Planning at University of Basilicata. His research interests mainly deal with bioelectrochemistry and the application of biological electron transfer processes in bioelectronic devices, the interaction between electropolymerised films and biological systems, the development of amperometric biosensors based on electropolymerised thin polymer films and the study of protein/ biomaterial interactions. In summary, the research activities of Antonio Guerrieri can be summarized as follows: • kinetic studies in atomic absorption spectroscopy; • electrochemistry of resorcinol, amethopterin, 5-fluorouracil, pseudouridine, creatinine as well as other compounds of biological and clinical relevance; • metal catalyst - based modified electrodes and their application in analysis; • modified electrodes for the development of advanced devices; • chemical and electrochemical modification of electrode surfaces to promote the direct communication with biomolecules (e.g. enzymes, redox protein) for the development of novel biosensors; • kinetic studies of immobilised enzymes for the study and analytical improvements of the performances of amperometric biosensors; • electrosynthesis and analytical characterization of novel polymeric membranes mainly used for enhanced sensing devices and enzyme immobilization; • novel approach to enzyme immobilization for the development of improved amperometric biosensors; • electrosynthesis of thin polymeric films (e.g. overoxidised polypyrrole, poly-o-phenilenediamine) with enhanced permselectivity for the development of interferent- and fouling-free sensors; • novel and improved analytical approaches for the detection and quantification of molecules of biological, clinical and environmental relevance; • development of “one-step, all-electrochemical produced” amperometric biosensors based on permeselective membranes and immobilised enzymes and their application in real sample analysis and in-vivo, real-time sub-cutaneous monitoring of glucose; • novel approaches for the HPLC and FIA detection of acetylcholine and choline in rat brain sample. Antonio Guerrieri research activities are actually concerned in the study and in the development of novel sensors based on enzymes and aptamers and in new detection approaches involving nanoparticles and QCM. Meantime, he is also working for the application of capillary electrophoresis in colloid analysis (gold nanoparticles, yeast and bacteria). Antonio Guerrieri, co-author of about 100 scientific publications on international journals and congress meetings, holds some scientific collaborations with the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory in Oxford, U.K. (Prof. H.A.O. Hill) and the Department of Chemistry in Southampton, U.K. (Prof. P.N. Bartlett). He acts from a long time as referee for several international journals, manly in his research area.
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