S. Mukhopadhyay



Currently I am working as a freelance consultant for groundwater treatment projects in South Asia (Pls check our recent project at BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-39647456 ). During 2010-2017, I have published 16 articles in ISI Q1 and Q2 journals, with a total Google Scholar citation of 560+ and an h-index of 8. Education: • M.Econ.Sc (2017-18) in Natural Resource Economics & Policy at NUI Galway (Ireland), expected 2.1 • Ph.D (2010-2014) in Environmental Technology from Univ of Malaya & Queen’s Univ Belfast • M.Tech (2007-2010) in Safety & Occupational Health Engg from BESU, India (1st class, 74%) • M.Sc (2005-2007) in Environmental Science from University of Kalyani, India (1st class, 72%) • B.Sc (Hons) (2002-2005) in Chemistry from St Xavier's College, Calcutta University, India (High 2nd class) Background: I have 10+ year experience of working in consultancy and research projects, principally in the areas of water, groundwater, wastewater and soil treatment technologies. My experience spans multiple countries, work cultures and domains, enriching my experience and knowledge. I am a compliant team player open to new ideas, technologies, work culture and methodologies due to my ability to adapt and learn. I have been engaged in the following activities across India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cambodia and UK for the past decade: 1. Management of project and leading a team of up to 25 personnel for successful completion of World Bank funded project for groundwater treatment 2. Designing and commissioning of small scale community groundwater treatment plants in South Asia 3. Research (application oriented) experience on water (in-situ groundwater contaminant removal and filtration), wastewater (coagulation-flocculation, filtration, adsorption & microbubble flotation) and soil treatment (in-situ flushing and soil washing) systems 4. Working in chemical laboratory and operating various analytical instruments, sampling methods, data collection by survey and literature review 5. Literary skills: At least 14 articles published in reputed journals. Preparation of numerous project proposals, DPRs, intermediate reports according to specific funding agency or country requirements 6. Entrepreneurial experience in EHS audit (OHSAS 18000, ISO 14000, HAZAN/HAZOP/JSA/FTA) and professional course delivery 7. Due Diligence processes for satisfying various funder’s criteria 8. Organization of technical events and public awareness campaign including workshops, conferences, meetings, documentary filming and short courses for small, medium and large target groups/audiences 9. Exposed to multi-disciplinary concepts and ideas through association/collaboration with various experts such as geologists, civil engineers, chemical engineers, chemists, social scientists, business leaders and economists 10. Conceptual knowledge of various software programmes e.g. AutoCAD, ArcGIS, MODFLOW, EPANET, SWMM, Origin, CorelDraw, etc. I am especially fascinated with providing innovative technical solutions to complicated problems in the industry and the society.

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