Abdel Salam Hamdy Makhlouf

Also known as
Abdel Salam Hamdy
coatings, surface treatment, surface modification, corrosion, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, advanced materials, and surface engineering


Dr. Makhlouf is RGV STAR Professor at Manufacturing Engineering Dept., University of Texas - Pan American. He is a leading faculty of the Rapid Response Manufacturing Center at UTPA. As a Professor recruited under the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) initiative of the University of Texas Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention (STAR) program, Dr. Makhlouf is responsible for providing research leadership in a critical area through his deep experience in the field, maintaining a high standard of quality in graduate and undergraduate teaching in a region in need of educational support for more STEM graduates, and connecting the University’s research activities to industry applications. His research interests include preparation and characterization of advanced coatings, corrosion, nano/bio-materials, renewable energy and advanced materials and polymers. Dr. Makhlouf was able to make breakthroughs in several highly important areas of materials science and corrosion engineering. Makhlouf is a multiple-award winner for his academic excellence: He received several prestigious awards in Germany (Humboldt Research Award for Experienced Scientists at Max Planck Institute); USA (Fulbright Visiting Scholar, NSF Fellow, and Dept. of Energy Fellow); Belgium (Belgian Federal Science Research Fellowship); Arab League (Arab Youth Excellence Award in Innovation 2013), Jordan (Abdul Hameed Shoman Award in Engineering Science 2012); Egypt (National Prize of Egypt in Advanced Science and Technology 2006; Egyptian Prize of Excellence in Surface Technology and Corrosion 2006; and Egyptian Prize of Excellence and Innovation in Materials Science and their Applications 2009); and Palestine (An-Najah Prize for Research 2014). Makhlouf’s biography was selected to be included in Who's Who in the World® 2015, 2007 and 2006. Makhlouf has gained invaluable experience by working in advanced coatings and corrosion laboratories in Italy and Germany, and by collaborating on a multitude of int’l projects with American, French, Romanian, Egyptian, Spanish, British, Saudi, Indian, and Korean institutions among others. His career has spanned appointments and invitations to work with other scientists in the top 1% of material eng. across the globe, and he has been called upon exhaustively to report his expert opinion on scientific panels, conference keynote addresses, and to government and industry committees. Dr. Makhlouf is a persistent journal reviewer, advisor, and judge of the work of his peers. He is a referee for over 30 int’l journals of a high caliber, and a continued board member of over 20 journals. He is also an experienced Editor with board titles at journals published by Springer and Elsevier, an Expert Evaluator for the European Union’s Framework Programme Seven, with an estimated budget of over €50.521 billion, Reviewer for the NSF Materials Engineering and Processing program, Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation, with an estimated budget of over $7.6 billion, DAAD and German Aerospace Center, the US Fulbright Commission, the Qatar National Research Fund, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, and a Consultant at Innosquared GmbH, Germany. Makhlouf has organized and served as a head speaker at numerous highly prestigious international symposiums and conferences over 30 times, including by way of example the “International Conference on Aerospace Science and Engineering” and “International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering”. His publication list (+150) includes studies and review papers authored in journals from top publishers. He is the editor of 12 books, 17 book chapters, and has two US patents. One of his articles has been ranked the second among the Top 25 Hottest Articles in Materials Science, Elsevier, Oct. - Dec. 2006. Makhlouf has a long-term experience in designing training programs and teaching courses for senior science teachers and mangers from high schools, chemists and engineers from different industrial sectors. He developed three courses at UTPA for master engineering students. His work as a professor has also brought him acclaim, with numerous appointments at outstanding institutions and universities in the US, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and Asia, and a record of having supervised and graduated 11 PhD and Master’s students, and 5 postdoctoral fellows.
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