Silvano Fares



Researcher at the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Research Centre for the Soil-Plant System, Rome, Italy. Leader of the laboratories of plant ecophysiology and biometeorology. Expert investigator in measuring and modelling bi-directional exchanges of carbon dioxide, water, ozone, nitrogen oxides, particles, between plants and the atmosphere in response to abiotic stress such as high temperature and drought, and exposure to atmospheric pollutants. Coordinator of international field campaigns in Italy and USA. Reviewer and editorial board member of international scientific Journals focused on the studies of ecology and physiology of agricultural and forest ecosystems. Published more than 43 articles on international peer-reviewed research journals. Invited speaker and chairman in sessions dedicated to ozone removal and emission of volatile organic compounds from plants. Advisor of four PhD students and two PostDocs. Specialties: -Use of dynamic systems (e.g. leaf and plant enclosures) for the measurement of gas exchange between plants and atmosphere. -Use of micrometeorological techniques, e.g. Eddy Covariance, to characterize biosphere-atmosphere interactions at the ecosystem level. - User of "sap flow" sensors to measure the transport of water inside the stems and branches. - Expert in use of PTRMS (proton transfer mass spectrometer) and GC-MS (Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer) to study exchanges of reactive volatile organic compounds between plants and the atmosphere. - I use advanced processing software in Microsoft operating systems, office suite, Matlab, R. - I develop multi-layer and mechanistic models to predict ecophysiological parameters (e.g. photosynthesis and stomatal conductance) of agricultural and forest ecosystems and thir capacity to remove pollutants from the atmosphere.
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