Nicolas Greber

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Nicolas Greber is an isotope geologist who currently works at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He studied Earth Sciences at the University of Bern (CH), where he also finished his PhD thesis studying molybdenum isotope fractionation effects in magamtic processes and core-mantle differentiation. Along with his doctoral studies, he worked at the Natural History Museum Bern, focusing on classifying and collecting meteorites in the desert of Oman. He finished his PhD in October 2014 and joined the Origins Laboratory (University of Chicago) in January 2015. During his stay in Chicago he explored the basic principles of the titanium isotope systematic and reassessed how the chemical composition of the continental crust evolved throughout Earth's history. In march 2017 he joined the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Geneva as Postdoctoral researcher to further educate himself in radiogenic isotope geochemistry and techniques of in-situ isotope measurements using SIMS. Nicolas Greber is an expert in using high precision isotope measurements of various geological materials to study large scale processes such as the evolution of the continental crust or the identification and description of mechanism that work within magma chambers, including fractional crystallization, melt migration and the loss of volatile elements during volcanic eruptions.
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