Diego San Mauro



I am an evolutionary biologist interested in molecular phylogenetics and systematics, molecular evolution, comparative analysis, phylogeography, and, more recently, transcriptomics and genomics. My main research line focuses on molecular phylogenetics and evolution of the major lineages of extant amphibians, and particularly of caecilians. My research interests also encompass the study of the evolutionary dynamics of the mitochondrial genome (comparative mitogenomics), as well as the phylogenetic experimental design. I am also interested in the origin and ancestry of extant amphibians, as well as aspects of diversification, phylogeography, and adaptation of several groups of amphibians, fishes, reptiles, and birds using mitochondrial, multilocus, and genomic data generated with high-throughput sequencing techniques. I also maintain another research line in comparative transcriptomics in caecilians that aims for gene discovery and evolutionary analysis of skin components.

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