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My research interests tend to be related to the sociology of knowledge, broadly conceived. My more specific interests include social theory; health and illness; mental health and illness; social organization; the sociology of quantification, statistics, and classification; surveillance; and governance. My prior work has dealt with knowledge and governance by examining the social construction of categories of “good” and “bad” homeless people in attempts to govern public behaviour; and the classification of “mentally ill” individuals that led to their increased institutional control in "non"-institutional environments. I have been trained in a variety of research methods and methodologies including discourse analysis, grounded theory, institutional ethnography, social network analysis, statistics (e.g., GLM, SEM, HLM), and have grounding in both classical and contemporary social theory. I have used these techniques and perspectives in academic work, as an independent consultant, and as a government employee. My doctoral research examines a global trend in institutional and personal practices related to creating categories that direct human activity (.e.g, performance metrics). In particular, I am studying university ranking systems and related practices within universities.

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