Daniele Bortoli



D.Bortoli graduated in Physics by the "Alma Mater Studiorum" Bologna University (Italy) in 1998 and completed his PhD in Atmospheric Physics at Évora University (UE) (Portugal) in 2005. From 2008 to 2012 he held a “Ciência 2007” research contract, hosted by the Évora Geophysics Centre (CGE). Since 2007 (International Polar Year) DB participated in the creation of the Portuguese Polar Program and he is now a member of the Coordination Committee. He undertook scientific collaborations with the Antarctic Projects of Italy, India, Bulgaria and New Zealand. Since November 2013, DB detains a research contract as principal investigator at the University of Evora. Since some years he is a non-stipendiary invited research fellow of the Italian Research Council. His main fields of research are the physics and chemistry of atmospheric compounds at high/midlatitudes, the ozone hole in Arctic and Antarctica and characterization of solar radiation. In addition, DB develops remote sensing instrumentation to study atmospheric composition. He developed SPATRAM (Spectrometer for Atmospheric TRAcers Monitoring) prototype equipment, being different versions of this instrument installed in permanent stations: Portugal , Italy , Antarctica, Bulgaria, and recently Ghana. The results of his research are contained in more than 150 articles, of these, 78 indexed in Scopus database (h-index=12). He was/is involved in 29 national and international funded projects (5 as PI; 4 as WP responsible). DB took part in 12 field campaigns, including 6 Italian Antarctic Expeditions, the last in November 2014. He carries out reviewer activities periodically, participates in Academic juries and gained teaching experience, lecturing several courses at UE. In 2007 DB started his own group, which evolved to 7 members including fellowships, undergrad., master, PhD stud. and Post-Docs. Since his graduation DB accepted the supervision of 3 PhDs (ongoing) and 3 Post-Docs. In addition he supervised 11 fellowships, undergrad. and Master in physics and in environmental sciences and completed the supervision of 2 Post-Docs.

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