Lena Maria Nilsson



Lena Maria Nilsson, research coordinator at the Arctic Research Centre at Umeå university, has a PhD in public health (2012), with her thesis focusing on traditional Sami lifestyle factors as determinants of public health. Since autumn 2012 she is involved in an Arctic food and water security project, initiated by the The Arctic Human Health Experts Group within the Arctic Council. So far, this project has resulted in one report, one chapter in the Arctic Resilience Interim Report 2013, and five accepted peer reviewed papers. Nilsson has also initiated an epidemiological follow-up study based on unique historical survey data on Sami and non-Sami schoolchildren, monitored in northernmost Sweden between 1929 and 1931. Overall, at the end of 2013, Nilsson had written or contributed to 15 peer-reviewed and four popular-science publications. Nilsson is the secretary of the Nordic Society for Circumpolar Health, and a member of the steering group of Neon, the Nordic Nutrition Epidemiological Network. She is also a deputy board member of the Centre for Sami Research at Umeå university (CeSam). Based on her broad expertise, Nilsson is often invited to speak to both scientific and public audiences. A list of publications (both peer reviewed and other ones) is available at: http://www.umu.se/sok/personalkatalog/visa-person?uid=leni0002&guise=anst2.

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