Elisabete Machado



Elisabete Maria Pereira Machado is an Associate Professor in the area of Microbiology at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal), and is a researcher at the FP-ENAS/CEBIMED (UFP, Portugal) and at the Associated Laboratory UCIBIO/REQUIMTE-Microbiology Group (FFUP, Porto). She is graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and in Basic Sciences of Medicine. She obtained her PhD degree in Microbiology in the Faculty of Pharmacy-University of Porto in 2007. Her main research interests are related to the epidemiology of antibiotic resistance among Enterobacteriaceae from hospital and community origin (healthy humans, food products, animals, environment), with specific interest to understand the main factors that influence the emergence, dissemination and persistence of particular clonal lineages and mobile genetic elements associated with antimicrobial resistance, and to understand the role of non-hospital niches in the selection and dissemination of clinically relevant resistance genes. She has published 1 book, 28 scientific papers and 25 abstracts in indexed journals, 70 GenBank sequences, 8 MultiLocus Sequence Type sequences and was integrated in 17 research projects. She has 77 communications (oral and posters) and was invited as keynote speaker for 4 lectures. She is reviewer for 1 national and 10 international journals in the field of Microbiology and antibiotic resistance. She was/is adviser or co-adviser of 2 PhD thesis, 12 master thesis and 17 graduation thesis/works, and is co-coordinator of the Master Program of Clinical Microbiology at University Fernando Pessoa. She received 17 awards and/or distinctions. In her professional activity interacted with 111 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific works.

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