Nuno Jardim Nunes



Nuno Jardim Nunes, Ph.D. is a Full professor at Tecnico U. Lisbon and the President of Madeira-ITI a research unit part of the LARSYS Associated Laboratory. He's also adjunct faculty at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Nuno Jardim Nunes holds an habilitation from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto, a Ph.D in Software Engineering from U. Madeira and a MEng in informatics and computer engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon (IST). He is currently Full Professor in Informatics Engineering at the Tecnico, U. Lisbon and Member of the Board of the Regional Agency for Research,Technological Development and Innovation. Previously he was Vice-Rector of the University of Madeira and Head of the Exact and Engineering Sciences Dep. at U. Madeira. He edited 10 books on HCI and SE and authored more than 100 international publications in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals. Nuno had leading roles in the organisation of several HCI related scientific events including DSV-IS’2003 (now EICS), IUI/CADUI’2004, UML’2004 (now Models), CAiSE’2004, ECCE’2008, Service Design’2009, TEI’2011, Interact'2011, ITS'2015 and currently EICS'2017. He was the PI and Co-PI of several research projects totalling more than 12M€ from FP7 and ITEA to nationally and industry funded research projects, including the establishment of joint research labs in Madeira with Zon Multimedia (the 2nd largest telecom operator in Portugal) and Logica (currently CGI one of the largest multinational IT consulting firms). Nuno’s research interests lie in the application of models to software, system and service design in particular for the domain of sustainability. Nuno is a member of the ACM, IEEE Computer Society and the Portuguese Board of Engineers. Currently Nuno serves as Chairman of the Board for ARDITI (Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology and Innovation) and President of the Board of Directors of Madeira-ITI a research and innovation institute of the University of Madeira and a member of the Board of LARSYS National Laboratory. Nuno is the scientific director for areas of HCI and Design of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal international partnership.

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