AF Frangi



Alejandro obtained his undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona) in 1996. He obtained his PhD in Medicine (2001) at the Image Sciences Institute of the University Medical Center Utrecht on model-based cardiovascular image analysis. He was visiting researcher at Imperial College in London, UK, and in Philips Medical Systems BV, The Netherlands. Prof Frangi is Diamond Jubilee Chair in Computational Medicine at the University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, with joint appointments at the School of Computing and the School of Medicine. He leads the Center for Computational Imaging and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine. Prof Frangi has research interests are on medical image analysis and modelling with emphasis on machine learning (phenomenological models) and computational physiology (mechanistic models). He is interested in statistical methods applied to population imaging and in silico clinical trials. His highly interdisciplinary work translated to cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and neuro sciences. He been principal investigator or scientific coordinator of over 25 national and European projects, both funded by public and private bodies. Prof Frangi edited several books and over 200 journal papers in top international journals with more than over 230 book chapters and international conference papers. He achieved an h-index 53 and over 19,400 citations. He was Guest Editor of special issues of IEEE Trans Med Imaging, IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, and Medical Image Analysis journals. He was Chair of FIMH in Barcelona, Spain, 2005; General Chair for ISBI in Barcelona, Spain, 2012, and General Chair of MICCAI in Granada, Spain, 2018. CISTIB develops GIMIAS (, and MULTI-X ( The research and development conducted in his research group led to two spin-off companies (Clintelis SA 2009 and GalgoMedical SA 2013).

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