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legumes (pea, chickpea, Medicago truncatula, grasspea, Bambara, Vavilovia, …), regeneration, double

Sergio OCHATT (2015-03-09)


Sergio OCHATT UMR 1347 Agroécologie AgroSup/INRA/uB Pôle GEAPSI Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire, Morphogenèse et Validation (PCMV) 17 rue Sully BP 86510, F-21065 DIJON France [email protected] INRA senior scientist. Agronomy thesis (1978), PhD Botany (1989), HDR Cell and Plant Biotechnology (1994), Qualified as Professor of French Universities (Ministery of Higher Education, France). Above 100 papers, 25 book chapters, 200 + congress presentations. Editor-in-Chief PCTOC, Associate Editor of 4 other journals, co-editor of 3 books. FAO/ICRO (UN) and Eureka (EU) expert on plant crop biotechnology, mutation breeding, and on exploitation and breeding of neglected crops in low-income food-deficit countries. Worked on temperate fruit trees and ornamental shrubs until 1996, works on legumes since. Some achievements : first example of plant regeneration from isolated protoplasts in a deciduous fruit tree (pear), study of the effects of electricity on DNA synthesis and plant regeneration in vitro and unraveling of plant regeneration competence. Has also exploited in vitro selection for salt/drought tolerance and obtained tolerant variants to these stresses in a number of crops. Recently obtained the first double haploids in pea, chickpea, Medicago truncatula and grasspea. Other experiments focused on recovery of transformants and RNAi plants in M. truncatula characterized by applying cytological, molecular and cytomic markers to study embryo development, seed filling and plant growth efficiency (environmental, physiological and genetic determinism). Keywords: l
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