Eva-Mari Aro



Aro is a professor of Plant Molecular Biology in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Turku, presently awarded an Academy professorship. She received the honorary title of Academician of Science in 2017. Aro has published over 350 peer reviewed scientific papers, mostly on biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology of the photosynthetic apparatus, and how the function of the photosynthetic apparatus guides plant acclimation to environmental changes. More recently, her research has also included applied bioenergy research and synthetic biology approaches, in applying photosynthetic principles towards production of sustainable fuels in cyanobacteria cell factories. Aro has chaired the Academy of Finland CoE (AFCoE) “Integrative photosynthesis, bioactive compound and biohydrogen research” (2008-2013) and is now chairing the AFCoE “Molecular biology of primary producers” 2014-2019. Aro is a partner and coordinator of several EU and Nordic research networks, and also a partner of an Australian (ARC) CoE on Plant Energy Biology. 2004-2010 she has been a president and past president of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research. Aro has served the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2010-2015, first as a board member, then as a vice president and president. She is also working for the Board of the European Academies of Sciences Advisory Council (EASAC) since 2014, first three years as a member and from the beginning of 2017 as a vice president. EASAC focuses in science based advice for decision making in EU Commission and Parliament. Aro has also many other research- and science policy-related national and international duties of trust and has served in the board/search committee for the Millenium Prize and the Körber European science prize. She presently belongs to the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of Max Planck Institute (Golm) and The Dutch Government Program “BioSolarCells”. In 2014 her group, together with the groups from VTT (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) and Aalto Technical University, were awarded a Big Strategic Opening Grant on “Living Synthetic Factories” by TEKES (the State Technical Funding Agency). Since April 2017 Aro is leading and chairing a Nordic CoE “NordAqua” (2017-2022) funded by NordForsk, with nine other partners from Nordic counties.

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