Maite Fernández-Ferrer



PhD in Education and Society from the University of Barcelona. I am a member of the research group Interactive Media Lab (2014SGR604) led by Dr. Antonio Bartolomé and member of the teaching innovation group Evaluation and Technology (GIDUB-13/149) led by Dr. Elena Cano. Since 2010 I have been part of various studies about competencies and assessment in higher education, as "The education assessment impact on competencies development in the university. The first graduate perspectives” (reference EDU2012-32766) or the "Iberoamerican netw ork for the development of a technological platform to support the evaluation of training processes" (reference 512RT0443). Since 2011 I have participated in several scientific conferences on the subject, both national and international, such as ELSE, ECER or INTED. From all this research experience various publications have arisen, both book chapters and journal articles. Among my international research experience there is on one hand my stay at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) for six months in 2012 and, on the other hand, my stay at the Universität zu Köln (Germany) for three months in 2015. Nowadays, and thanks to a pre doctoral fellowship from the Catalan government I have just completed my international doctoral program presenting my thesis about the Massive Open Online Courses and their assessment.

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