Claudio E Sunkel



Is a Full Professor of Molecular Biology at the Biomedical Institute of University of Porto, Director of the Institute of Molecular Cellular Biology and head of the Molecular Genetics Group at the same institute. He is a Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization since 2000, was Vice-President of the European Molecular Biology Conference (2007-2010), Vice-President of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Council (2010-2012), elected Chair of the EMBL Council (2013), Chair of the EMBO Strategic Development Installation Grants Board (2006-2012), was a member of the Molecules, Genes and Cells Funding committee of the Wellcome Trust (2006-2009) and currently a member of the Wellcome Trust-India Alliance fellowship selection committee (2009-2014). During 2007-2009 was the National Coordinator for the Evaluation of Research Units by the Foundation for Science and Technology of Portugal. His laboratory is mostly devoted to the study cell division and of the mechanisms involved in maintaining genomic stability in higher eukaryotes. Started these studies during his posdoctoral work at Imperial College, UK, and later continued in Porto, leading to the identification, cloning and early studies on the Polo-like (Plks) kinase family of essential mitotic regulators. His studies have used a combination of Classical Genetics, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology with special emphasis on advance light microscopy for in vivo studies. The research program explores fundamental aspects of cell division: including the molecular and physical properties of mitotic chromosomes where he has concentrated on the study of condensins; the regulation of progression through mitosis leading to the identification of Polo kinase; the organization and function of the mitotic spindle where he identified the first mutants of γ-tubulin; the genetic and functional analysis of the Mast/Orbit/CLASP family of microtubule-associated proteins; and more recently the study of checkpoints protein like Mad2, BubR1, Bub3 and CENP-E involved in ensuring proper chromosome segregation. Future research aims to further our understanding of the role of chromosome instability in tumorigenesis. His bibliography includes over 90 original peer review research articles and reviews or book chapters. Participated also in various Postgraduate Programs and supervised 24 PhD students and many postdocs. Currently teaches an Undergraduate course on Molecular Genetics for Biochemistry and Bioengineering BsC Major at the Institute for Biomedical Sciences of the University of Porto. Received a First Degree Honors in Biology from the University of Sussex, UK (1979) and a Ph.D. in Genetics (1983) also from Sussex University. Was was born in Santiago, Chile, 1958.

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