Rovers MM



I successfully lead an evidence-based surgery group (established as from 2011) consisting of 17 researchers, including 14 PhD researchers. The group publishes about 20 papers per year, and is recognized as one of the leading international groups on evidence-based surgery. My ambition is to revolutionize surgical clinical science, so that surgical innovations will become more patient tailored, safer and efficient. My research has been characterised as visionary, innovative, international, and highly productive. My international (multi-center) projects have shown that I can bring together the joint efforts of internationally leading experts to further develop worldwide innovations. My earlier methodological breakthroughs, particularly my work on the methodology of Individual Participant Data meta-analyses, have shown that such new methodologies can play a role in various health processes and can be validated for more than one disease. I also have ample experience with the scientific co-ordination of clinical studies. I have published 260 papers; many of them have been executed in close collaboration with various clinical departments and (inter)national collaborators, with publications in the NEJM, Lancet, and BMJ. Furthermore, once or twice a year I do “science4kids” as I like to share my passion for science.

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