Lia Fernandes

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Dementia, Bipolar Disorders, Asthma - Psychosomatic

Lia Fernandes (2013-06-23)

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MD, Psychiatric Senior Graduate Assistant in CHSJ, with Geriatric Competency (OM) and Family Therapist. PhD, Associate Professor with Aggregation in Faculty of Medicine - University of Porto(FMUP), CINTESIS.UP researcher, in charge of Psychiatry and Mental Health (Clinical Practice) of 6th year of the Master Degree in Medicine, Mental Health in Elderly of PhD Programme of Gerontology and Geriatrics - UP/UA, Psychiatric Diseases in Geriatrics Post-Graduation, and in charge of Geriatric Psychiatry and Psychiatry Pathology in the Master of Psychiatry and Mental Health of FMUP. Teaching also General Practice, Nursing, Psychology and Social Education, in several Universities. Portuguese Association of Gerontopsychiatry/APG (President 2010-13); International Psychogeriatric Association/IPA (Board of Directors 2011-14 and Expert Advisory Council since 2014); Dementia Cerebral Aging Group Study/GEECD (Board of Directors 2008-10); Portuguese Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology/SPGG (Scientific Board since 2012); Portuguese Society of Family Therapy/SPTF (National Board 1997-00 and 2000-03); International Family Therapy Association/IFTA (Board of Directors 2009-12 and 2012-15). Researcher member of international networks: INTERDEM/Early, Timely and Quality Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia, EHDN/European Huntington’s Disease Network, IBERDEM/Iberoamerican Centre of Research in Prevention and Rehabilitation of Alzheimer and Other Dementias, AGE Platform Europe and Porto4Ageing. Researcher in Ageing, Dementia (PortAge JNICT - PMCT/SAN/77/90; EUGERON - BMH11165; UNIFAI - PT 100 Centenarians; IPA President Forum), BPSD (PD/BD/114555/2016), Delirium (FCT - SFRH/BD/63154/2009 and SFRH/BPD/103306/2014), Frailty (TFI validation), Needs Assessment and Mental Health, Heart Failure(Deus ex Machina-NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-00026), and also in Psychosomatics (co-founder Portuguese Society of Psychosomatic/SPP 1995) with chronic respiratory diseases (project Harvard Medical School/FCT - HMSP-IDSIM/SIM/0018/2009) and in Bipolar Disorder (BRIDGE and BRIDGE-MIX Project), with the foundation of Association of Depressive and Bipolar Patients/ADEB (north division). Participation in Clinical Trials (Memantine; Abecarnil/Buspirone; Olanzapine/Haloperidol F1D-MC-HGHD; Agomelatine CL3-20098-070 and CLE-20098-068)
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