Lia Fernandes

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Dementia, Bipolar Disorders, Asthma - Psychosomatic

Lia Fernandes (2013-06-23)

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MD, Psychiatric Senior Graduate Assistant in CHSJ, with Geriatric Competency (OM) and Family Therapist. PhD, Associate Professor with Aggregation in Faculty of Medicine - University of Porto, CINTESIS.UP researcher, in charge of Mental Health of PhD Programme of Gerontology and Geriatrics - UP/UA. Teaching also General Practice, Nursing, Psychology and Social Education, in several Universities. Portuguese Association of Gerontopsychiatry/APG (President 2010-13); International Psychogeriatric Association/IPA (Board of Directors 2011-14 and Expert Advisory Council since 2014); Researcher member in INTERDEM - Early, Timely and Quality Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia (since 2016); Dementia Cerebral Aging Group Study/GEECD (Board of Directors 2008-10); Portuguese Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology/SPGG (Scientific Board since 2012); Portuguese Society of Family Therapy/SPTF (National Board 1997-00 and 2000-03); International Family Therapy Association/IFTA (Board of Directors 2009-12 and 2012-15). Researcher in Ageing, Dementia, BPSD (PortAge JNICT - PMCT/SAN/77/90; EUGERON - BMH11165; UNIFAI - PT 100 Centenarians; IPA President Forum), Delirium (FCT - SFRH/BD/63154/2009 and SFRH/BPD/103306/2014), Frailty and also in Psychosomatics (co-founder Portuguese Society of Psychosomatic/SPP 1995) with chronic respiratory diseases (project Harvard Medical School/FCT - HMSP-IDSIM/SIM/0018/2009) and in Bipolar Disorder (BRIDGE and BRIDGE-MIX Project), with the foundation of Association of Depressive and Bipolar Patients/ADEB (north division). Participation in Clinical Trials (Memantine; Abecarnil/Buspirone; Olanzapine/Haloperidol F1D-MC-HGHD; Agomelatine CL3-20098-070 and CLE-20098-068)
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