Teresa Pena



I am Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisboa (ULisboa), Portugal. I currently hold a Joint Appointment position with the Department of Physics and the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering. I received my Ph.D at the Technical University of Lisboa, which was followed, in 1989, by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Hannover in Germany. I have worked on diverse problems of theoretical Hadronic and Nuclear Physics, and at IST I mentor a theoretical nuclear physics group. The overarching theme of my scientific activities is the role of relativity in the interactions and structure of nuclear/hadron system. I investigate how mass, charge and magnetism gets distributed among the constituent quarks that compose the nucleons assembled in the nucleus of the atoms. This distribution tells us how photons couple to nucleons and nuclei, and what the rates of photo-nuclear reactions in the stars are. I contributed to pioneering studies on the origin of three-nucleon forces, which cannot be reduced to sum of pairwise terms, and are necessary to understand in detail how nuclei bind and the properties of form nuclear matter. I currently also work on spectroscopy and structure of mesons and baryons, which affects the behavior of matter in extreme temperature and density conditions, in accelerators on the earth, or in the merger of stars. At the Nuclear Technology Campus (CTN) of IST, I participate in projects on technological applications of nuclear physics e.g., in medical imaging and radiation therapy, and environmental problems, for the benefit of society. I served as member of the International Advisory Committee of many other conferences e.g. EuNPC 2012 and EuNPC 2015, of the EPS. I am a member of the European Research Committee on Few-Body Problems, and of the International Light Cone Advisory Committee, ILCAC, and I am a member of the Executive Committee of the European Physical Society. I was granted in 2010 the “René Glidden” Visitor Professorship distinction from the University of Ohio, for “...artistic, engineering, historical, literacy and scientific achievements”, and I was given a tribute, in Women’s Day, 2016, by Ciência Viva, the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture. http://hadron.bitok.pt

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