José María Herranz de la Casa



Doctor in Journalism in the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). Currently he is an associate professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Cuenca) in the School of Journalism where he teaches Sport Journalism, Specialized Journalism, Interpretive journalism and Reporting and Corporate and Organizational Communication. He has different papers, articles and research about: communication and transparency in social organizations and NGO; Business and organizational communication; social responsibility; and environmental journalism. And right now is part of a research project funded by the Spanish government, which analyzes news coverage of energy policies in Spain, the processes of reception and participation of nonprofit organizations. He has worked as a journalist in the most important sports newspaper in Spain, MARCA and has also taught at the Catholic University of Avila (UCAV), where he also developed his work as head of the Department of Communication. It has also been professor of the Faculty of Humanities and Information in the European University Miguel de Cervantes (Valladolid), teaching in the degree of Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations, also was director of the Office of Communication and Marketing for 4 years in this university.

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