Mohammed Arif



Prof. Arif is a Professor of Sustainability and Process Management at the University of Salford. He obtained his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida, USA. He received several honors, including a Walt Disney World Fellowship. He started his career working for Walt Disney World Corporation in Orlando, Florida doing Project Management and then moved to academia. In academia he has taught several courses in the area of project management both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He is an active researcher and has published more than 90 refereed articles. His research interests include Manufactured Construction, and Green Issues in Construction. Currently, also he is looking at connecting occupant comfort and productivity with the green building guidelines. In his research he has reviewed green building guidelines from across the world and published his findings in several journals and conferences. He serves on editorial boards of journals and has chaired several conferences on the issue of sustainability. Prof Arif has also supervised 8 PhD students and currently has 16 more who will be graduating in next 3 years.

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