Sebastian Schmeier



Sebastian Schmeier ( is a research group leader and Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics/Genomics at the Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (INMS, at Massey University Auckland, a bioinformatics advisor to New Zealand Genomics Ltd (NZGL,, and an Affiliate Investigator at the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery ( His group uses a combination of computational methods and biology to answer questions in the fields of genomics and transcriptomics, with a focus on gene regulation, non-coding RNAs, and data-driven biomedical applications. Besides research, Sebastian is also highly interested in the computational and bioinformatics up-skilling of students and scientists. In addition, Sebastian is a certified software carpentry ( and data carpentry ( instructor and he regularly runs hands-on computational workshops for students and scientists of all fields.

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