Andreas Jenke



Research training Since 3/2005: Senior scientist at the Research Laboratory HELIOS Children´s Hospital Wuppertal, WItten/Herdecke University Topics: • Epigenetic regulation of early innate mucosal immunity • Role of the innate immune response in NEC • Epigenetic regulation of iNOS expression in premature infants in response to placental insufficiency • Mechanisms of chronic HBV and HCV infection • development of S/MAR based vector systems 2002-2004: Clinical Research Fellow, Institute of Cell Biology, Witten/ Herdecke University, Germany, Prof. H.J. Lipps Clinical training 2010: CCT in Emergency Medicine 2009: CCT in Neonatal Medicine 2009: Venia legendi for Paediatrics 2007: CCT in General Paediatrics
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