Jose Maria de Fuentes



Ph. D. in Computer Science (with distinction) by University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) in 2012. M. Sc. in Informatics Technology by this University in 2008. He received the best academic record award of that Master, as well as the same award in Computer Science by the same University (2007). From 2012 he is serving as Vicepresident of the Spanish chapter of the IEEE Intelligent Transport Systems Society. He is currently participating on the E-SAVE project, which is related to VANET security and evidence generation in these networks. He also participates within the SACO project in the field of cybersecurity and cyberdefense. He has participated in some research projects related to attestation (CERTILOC project), security and trust in Internet ([email protected]) and digital signatures (@Firma platform). He is part of the Editorial Board and Programme Committee of several journals and conferences.

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