Stefano Livi

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Stefano A. Livi

Stefano Livi (2016-06-08)


Dr. Livi principal areas of specialization are particle detector design and testing, UV imaging detector design and testing, calibration of science instruments, integration of instruments and spacecraft, radiation issues related to parts usage, and processes related to fabrication of scientific flight instrumentation. Dr. Livi has 30 years experience working on all aspects of the development of instruments for scientific missions, from the conceptual design phase, to the final scientific analysis of the collected data. His range of expertise encompasses plasma analyzers, UV coronographs, mass spectrometers, and energetic particle sensors. He acted as leading Co-Investigator on a number of American, European, Russian, and Japanese missions, including Phobos, Polar, Cassini, SOHO, Rosetta, and Geotail, and received numerous NASA Group Achievement Awards. Presently he is Principal Investigator of the sensor Strofio, to be flown on the BepiColombo mission to Mercury, and of the sensor HIS to be flown on the Solar Orbiter mission. As principal scientist at the Max Planck Institut für Aeronomie (1992-2000), Dr. Livi directed and managed the day-to-day activities of a group composed of approximately 25 scientists and engineers. From March 2004 to October 2006, Dr. Livi served as the Instrument Science Coordinator and Chair of the Instrument Development Program at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. PUBLICATIONS: Dr. Livi is author/co-author of over 170 scientific publications in refereed journals. PROFESSIONAL CHRONOLOGY: Max Planck Institut für Aeronomie: principal scientist, 1981-2000; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory: principal professional, 2000-6; Southwest Research Institute: assistant director, 2006-10; institute scientist, 2010-present. MEMBERSHIPS: American Geophysical Union

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