Jun Gong



Dr. Jun Gong is a professor at School of Marine Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, China. He was born in 1977, Hubei, China. He completed his Master (Aquaculture) and Ph.D. degrees (Hydrobiology) in Qingdao, where he studied the taxonomy and ecology of marine ciliated protists. His doctoral thesis was awarded as the Top 100 Doctoral Dissertations by Ministry of Education of China. After graduation, he joined South China Normal University and visited the Department of Oceanography at Inha University, South Korea, for one year. Later, he worked as a European Commission-funded Marie Curie Fellow at the Natural History Museum (London) for investigating protist diversity and evolution using molecular approaches. In 2010, Prof. Gong was funded by One Hundred Talent Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and established his own research team working on biodiversity, systematics, ecology, and functioning of coastal microbes at Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, CAS. In 2017 he joined Sun Yat-sen University in southern China as a PI and professor leading the marine microbial ecology group. He has co-authored two books (in Chinese) and about 100 referred articles, of which most (over 80 SCI-indexed) are published in international journals.

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