Luca Rosati



Luca Rosati was born in Naples (NA) on May 02, 1973 and in 2003 became a Phd in Transportation and Logistic engineering. At the moment he works as technician in the "Transportation System Laboratory (LAST)". His scientific activity is mainly directed to the analysis of transportation systems through theoretical and experimental studies, mainly addressed on matters concerning the dynamic analysis of transportation supply, demand, demand-supply interaction (assignment), design methods and applications . In latest years the studies have been oriented to the traffic and transit short-term forecasting in order to support management policies in ITS era. In this field he has projected and built many models that take into account the impact of real-time information on users behaviour. Recently he is deepening matters regarding advanced transit models to support functionality of new advanced traveller route planners and traveller personal advisors. He’s participate to more than 20 publications on the most important magazines of transportation and logistic.

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