Vijay Kumar Ulaganathan



The sequences of DNA and Proteins determine the composition and attributes of any living organism. Surprisingly in humans millions of variations have been found, a number that is progressively increasing as the number of whole genome sequencing initiative grows. At the molecular and cellular level, sequence variation leads to variation or alterations in the structures, interactions, functions of proteins; amplitude of signal transduction pathways; behavior and coordination of sub-cellular organelles culminating in the differences in cellular metabolism, interaction and proliferation. As a result, disease mechanisms and therapeutic modes of action are never identical among patients. This presents serious challenges to reliably understand disease mechanisms and often leads to failure of candidate drugs during clinical trails. As a trained physicist, pharmacist, molecular biologist, immunologist and cancer biologist, my research methodologies are multidisciplinary and not limited by a narrow field of view. I am highly interested in investigating the rudimentary molecular & cellular processes specific to protein sequence variants, particularly of cell surface receptors, to unravel the disease mechanisms and identify novel drug targets specific to individual genotypes.

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