Nashwan Dawood



Professor Nashwan Dawood is a specialist in project construction management and the application of IT in the construction process. This has ranged across a number of research topics including BIM technologies and processes, sustainability, Information Technologies and Systems (5D,VR,Integrated databases), the planning and management of off-site production, risk management, intelligent decision support systems, cost forecasting and control and business processes. Professor Dawood is currently Director of the Centre for Construction Research & Innovation (CCIR) and Professor of Construction Management and IT at the University of Teesside, UK. He is also Associate Dean for R&I at the School of Science and Engineering with the responsibility of developing and prompting cutting edge research and innovation projects in engineering, science and Design. He has extensive experience of leading internationally recognised research work in BIM technology and processes and in the application of 5D modeling in construction processes, and has successfully generated peer reviewed funded projects from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Technology Strategy Board, and EU / Framework Programme. Professor Dawood also has significant and long-standing experience of working with major industrial partners in the UK and internationally to develop and apply research results as part of further collaborative projects. In particular he is currently running international research and development projects in South Korea, Japan, Qatar, Europe and USA in the areas of 5D modeling, serious game engine technology application to training and ICT (Information and Communication technologies) for energy efficient buildings . He is also regularly invited to be a key note presenter in a international events. Professor Dawood has published over 250 research papers, and sits on the editorial board of a number of journals and conferences. His work has been recognized outside of the academic sphere, for example with its short-listing for the Constructing Excellence Innovation Award. Professor Dawood is a visiting fellow/Professor at a number of international universities and institutes. This includes; Central University of Taiwan, AIT- Thailand, University of Florida-USA, International Islamic University Malaysia, Gyeongsang National University, Korea and Miyagi university , Japan and Osaka University, Japan. Professor Dawood originated the CONVR conference series (Construction Applications of Virtual Reality: Current Initiatives and Future Challenges). The mission of this is to bring together national and international researchers and practitioners from all areas of the construction industry and promote efficient exchange of ideas and develop mutual understanding of needs and potential applications of VR modeling. The conference series has been running for 10 years and the latest CONVR series will be held in HongKong:

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