Alberto Montaner



ALBERTO MONTANER FRUTOS (Zaragoza, 1963). Professor of Spanish Literature at the Universidad de Zaragoza in the department of Spanish Philology. He has served as departmental secretary (2003-2004) and assistant chair (2004-2009), and since 2012, department chair. He is also the assistant director of the Section of Emblem Studies at the Institución «Fernando el Católico» (DPZ-CSIC). Montaner Frutos has served as director of research at the Institución «Fernando el Católico» (1997-2007), as well as director of the Arab and Islamic Studies division of the now defunct Instituto de Estudios Islámicos y del Oriente Próximo, a joint venture of Cortes de Aragón, Universidad de Zaragoza and CSIC (2004-2011). He has been an invited professor in many universities, including Saint Petersburg (1990), Oxford (1992), UNAM (2002), Puebla (2002, 2003 y 2013), Buenos Aires (2005), Berkeley (2007) and the Sorbonne (2006 y 2010). Since 2013, he has served as philological consultant for the Real Academia Española’s Nuevo Diccionario Histórico del Español. His areas of research include hispanic and comparative epic poetry; the relationships between literature, history, and juro-political thought in the Middle Ages and Golden Age; medieval and renaissance magic and its treatment in literature; Arab-Hispanic literary and cultural relations; the history of the lexicon of Ibero-Romance and its borrowings from Semitic and other languages of the Middle East; General Emblematics, with special attention to Heraldry; the conceptual and material problems of the edition of texts and the epistemology of the Human Sciences. His publications include 37 books (+5 in press), 9 booklets, 211 articles (+ 7 in press), 15 reviews (+1 in press) y 6 audiovisual productions, in addition to 29 expert reports on his research areas, work recognized as four sections of research (the maximum possible for his age) by the relevant Ministry.

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