António Martins



Dr. António Martins (male), Researcher at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the FEUP/LEPABE, holding PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. During his PhD in combination with results from other studies developed a new type of patented static mixer technology, NETMIXTM, which is currently used to produce nanoparticles for medical applications ( As an independent researcher he performed research on sustainability and energy, in particular sustainability evaluation and biofuels. In particular, he has proposed a hierarchical framework for the sustainability evaluation of chemical process, and has studied the sustainability of second generation feedstock, such as microalgae, to obtain biofuels. He published 56 articles in peer review journal, with over 1778 citations ( He collaborated in 16 research proposals. Of them 8 were approved, one European and 7 national, of which some are done or include industrial partners. From 2004 to 2008 he was member of the NATO/SPS Pilot Study on Clean Products and Processes. Currently he is member of the European Biofuels Technology Platform, in the sections of sustainability evaluation and microalgae.

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