Ariel Fernandez



Ariel Fernández (born Ariel Fernández Stigliano) is an Argentine-American physical chemist and mathematician. He obtained his Ph. D. degree in Chemical Physics from Yale University in record time. He held the Karl F. Hasselmann Endowed Chair Professorship in Engineering at Rice University and was a Professor of Bioengineering until his retirement. He has also served in the faculty at Indiana University (full Professor) and at The University of Chicago (Adjunct Professor of Computer Science). To date, Ariel Fernandez has published over 360 peer reviewed scientific papers in professional journals including Physical Review Letters, PNAS, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Genome Research and Genome Biology and about three dozen book chapters. Ariel Fernandez has also authored and published three books: “Transformative Concepts for Drug Design” (2010), “Biomolecular Interfaces” (2015), and "Physics at the Biomolecular Interface" (2016), all with Springer. Ariel Fernandez holds two patents (US. 8,466,154 and 9,051,387) on biotechnological innovations. He is currently involved in research and entrepreneurial activities at various consultancy firms. His main contributions pertain to the fields of statistical mechanics, molecular biophysics and drug design, where is well known for having developed the so-called wrapping technology, widely adopted in molecular medicine. Ariel Fernandez is also well known for the discovery of the dehydron, a packing defect in the structure of soluble proteins that causes interfacial tension and thus promotes protein associations. The dehydron concept has decisively influenced the fields of protein folding, molecular evolution and drug design, and heralded the advent of novel technologies for molecular medicine. In this regard, Ariel Fernandez's dehydrons have been exploited to develop molecular targeted therapies for cancer and heart failure.

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