Stefano Falcinelli



Associate Professor of CHEMISTRY (Industrial Engineering) and of CHEMISTRY AND MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY (Civil Engineering) – University of Perugia (ITALY) • 1963, March 13th: He was born in Senigallia (AN), (Italy). • Foreign languages spoken and written: English and French. • 1990: "Laurea" in Chemistry (major university degree with honors: 110/110 cum laude), University of Perugia, (Italy). • 1990: He got his Chemistry Professional Qualification (Inscription Nr. 2641). • 1990: “visiting scholar” working with Prof. Jacques Baudon of “Laboratoire de Physique de Lasers” – Université Paris Nord XIII – Villetaneuse - FRANCE. • 1994: Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, University of Perugia, (Italy). • 1994-1995: Post Doctoral fellow, in the R.N.Zare group at the Chemistry Department of Stanford University, California - U.S.A. He was the Principal Investigator on the production and detection of alkaline earth monohalide dications (these species were predicted to exist because theoretical calculations, performed by Wright and coworkers, and demonstrated that they were thermodynamically stable). Our work allowed to produce and detect them by Mass Spectrometry demonstrating for the first time their existence. • 1995: Award of the Italian National Research Council reserved for winners of scholarships for foreign countries (Announcement no. 203.03.25 of 04.05.1993). • 1997-1998: visiting scientist in the Physics Department of Trento University (Prof. D. Bassi) for the experimental study of bimolecular dications produced by ion-molecule reactions. • 2011-present: Elettra partner of Synchrotron Radiation Facility of Basovizza (Trieste - Italy) • 2013 July-September: visiting professor in the Department of Chemistry – University of Rochester, NY - U.S.A. (J.M. Farrar group) working in the first crossed beam study of reactions of ions with polyatomic free radical reagents, exploiting the VMI method to determine velocity space distributions of reaction products and corresponding kinetic energy and angular distributions. Results for charge transfer and proton transfer between H3+ reactants and CH3 radicals produced in a pyrolysis source were obtained. • 2014 February 17th: He got the Italian National Qualification as Associate Professor (CHIM/07 FONDAMENTI CHIMICI DELLE TECNOLOGIE Settore concorsuale: 03/B2). • 2014 June-September: visiting professor in the Department of Chemistry – Stanford University, CA - U.S.A. (R.N. Zare group) working in collaboration with AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory), Edwards AFB, CA – USA, on Mass Spectrometric studies on ionic liquids fuels impinging on catalytic surfaces for their possible uses as advanced propellants, by using Desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) and plasma ionization. • 2017 June-July: visiting professor at the “Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers” UMR 7538 – CNRS – Université Paris 13, Institut Galilée – Villetaneuse (France), teaching at the doctoral school “Ecole doctorale Galilée” - Université Paris 13. • 1997-2015: Assistant Professor, University of Perugia, (Italy). • 2000/01-2004/05: Professor of CHEMISTRY (Civil Engineering). • 2004/05-2009/10: Professor of CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES: combustion chemistry, refinery procedures and maintenance activities, petrochemicals, oil refining and gas treatment - refining, storage and transportation (Environmental Engineering). • 2005/06-2008/09: Professor of CHEMISTRY (Energetics Engineering). • 2009/10-2010/11: Professor of ENVIRONMENTAL RADIOCHEMISTRY (Civil Engineering). • 2008/09-2015/16 Professor of CHEMISTRY (Industrial Engineering – University of Perugia). • 2015-present: Associate Professor, University of Perugia, (Italy). • 2015/16-present: Professor of CHEMISTRY AND MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY (Civil Engineering – University of Perugia). • 2017: He got the Italian National Qualification as Full Professor of “Chemistry for Engineering”, “Physical Chemistry”, and “General and Inorganic Chemistry”. Member of: - American Chemical Society – Divisions of Physical Chemistry (Astrochemical Subdivision), Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural & Food Chemistry; - Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia (INFM - CNISM); - Società Chimica Italiana – Divisione di Spettrometria di Massa (SCI-DSM); - Associazione Italiana degli Igienisti Industriali (AIDII); - Ordine Interregionale dei Chimici di Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo e Molise; - Scientific Partner di “Elettra Sincrotrone –Trieste (Elettra and FERMI lightsources)”; - AICIng – Associazione Italiana di Chimica per Ingegneria; - From Agust 2014 – today: He is member of AASRI (American Applied Sciences Research Institute) CONFERENCE SERIES INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE; - MC Substitute [CM1401 IT] - COST Action CM1401.

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