Lorenza Saitta

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Lorenza Saitta (2016-01-24)

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Machine Learning, Abstraction, Complexity, Phase Transitions

Lorenza Saitta (2013-02-27)


Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Piemonte Orientale. Her main fields of interest are Machine Learning, Computational Complexity, and Abstraction. She is an ECCAI Fellow since 2002. She co-authored or co-edited 10 books, and published more than 170 papers. She is (or has been) a member of the Editorial Board of "Machine Learning" , "Fuzzy Sets and Systems", J. of Machine Learning Research", "J. of Artificial Intelligence Research", "Intern. J. of Applied Intelligence", "Intelligent Data Analysis", and "Intern. J. of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine". She gave Invited Talks at ECAI (1992), IJCAI (1993), ECML (1994), ILP (1994), IICAI (2011), IFIP World Computer Conference (2008). She has been Co-Chairperson of the IPMU Conference (1988), the ISMIS Conference (1988), the 4th Int. Int. Workshop on Multistrategy Learning (1998), Chairperson of ICML (1996), Program Chair of ECAI (2004) and Co-Chair of SARA (2005)
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