Göran Fransson



Göran Fransson is professor in Curriculum Studies and associate professor in education at the Faculty of Education and Business Studies, University of Gävle, Sweden. His research centers on learning, ICT, first-phase professional development, induction and mentoring in different professions, with a primary focus on teachers. He is overall scientific leader of the field EDucational Sciencies and leads also the Induction Research Group and ICT in Learning at the University of Gävle. In 2006 he attained a doctorial degree at Stockholm University (Sweden) focusing on the process of professionalisation of newly commissioned second lieutenants and newly qualified school teachers. The professionalisation of these two occupational categories were examined from a comparative perspective and concentrates on the communicative conditions and institutional arenas that affect the professionalisation process. In 2012 he was appointed as Associate professor at Stockholm University (Sweden) and in 2017 he became professor in Curriculum Studies at University of Gävle (Sweden)

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