Ross Mcdonald



I received my D.Phil. in condensed matter physics from the University of Oxford for 'Optical studies of crystalline organic superconductors under extreme conditions'. I subsequently joined the National High Magnetic Field Lab at Los Alamos National Lab in 2001. During my tenure at the Pulsed Field Facility, I have demonstrated expertise in developing new experimental techniques and applying them to the measurement of correlated electron systems in pulsed magnetic fields. Specifically my research interests have led me to develop new instrumentation for conducting experiments at frequencies of 10’s - 100’s of GHz in millisecond duration pulsed magnetic fields. These quasi-optical measurements have included EPR studies of quantum magnet systems, GHz frequency conductivity of topological insulators, and cyclotron resonance of organic molecular metals and superconductors. My interest in the bandstructure of exotic superconductors has led me to develop pulsed field micro-cantilever torque magnetometry techniques, which I’ve employed to map the Fermiology of various families of doped Pnictides in pulsed fields. Recently, I have focused upon applying these techniques to strong spin-orbit coupled materials, notably the discovery of the magnetoresistive signature of the surface state of Topological Insulators, novel magnetic anisotropies of Iridate quantum spin-liquid candidates, and new correlated states of matter in the quantum limit of Weyl semimetals. A recent highlight of his career was the world record setting 100-tesla nondestructive magnetic field pulse in March 2012.

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