Paolo Governa



Pharmacist with experience in pharmacology and in pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and legislation, particularly with regard to phytotherapics and in silico analyses of natural drugs activities. The experience in the department of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen allowed me to collaborate with international researchers, and gave me the ability to relate and work in multiethnic groups. Since April 2014 I collaborate with the research laboratory of the Italian Society of Phytotherapy (SIFitLab), dealing with quality control, chemical and biological analyses of phytotherapics, and managing research projects involving the study of pharmaco-toxicological properties of medicinal plants through in silico, in vitro and ex vivo investigations. Currently I manage a research project about in silico and in vitro evaluation of natural products bioavailability and supervise many master thesis projects within the pharmaceutical biology laboratory at the University of Siena. Since June 2015 I'm the head of Italian Society of Phytotherapy Young section (S.I.Fit Giovani). In my free time I devote myself to sports and music, and I participate in the activities of my family farm.

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