Sandra Caeiro

Also known as
Sandra Sofia Caeiro
sustainability assessment tools, Environmental risk assessment, education for sustainable development, marine and coastal areas


Sandra Sofia Caeiro holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering from New university of Lisbon (1992), a Masters in Science of Coastal Zones from University of Aveiro (1997) and an Doctorate on Environmental Engineering from the New University of Lisbon (2004), Portugal. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Science and Technology at Universidade Aberta (UAb), Portugal and a senior researcher at CENSE - Center for Sustainability and Environmental Research from New University of Lisbon, Portugal and she also collaborates with the e-learning Laboratory of UAb. Her main research and teaching areas include environmental risk assessment, environmental and spatial planning management tools, environmental citizenship and participation, sustainable consumption and e-learning in science education. She is the coordinator of the B.Sc. programme on Environmental Sciences and former coordinator of the Master Program in Environmental Citizenship and Participation at UAb, and currently the institutional coordinator of the European Virtual Seminar in Sustainable Development. She is subject editor of Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier, and on the editorial board of the international journal of Ocean and Coastal Management, Elsevier, Latin American Journal of Management for Sustainable Development, Inderscience, and BioMed Research International, Hindawi Publishing Corporation and also reviewer of several international scientific journals and books. She has mentored several post-graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and published papers in peer-review ISI journals (she has a H citation index of 11), chapter books and international conference proceedings.
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