Michael Piradov



1979-1981: Resident in Research center of neurology, Russian academy of medical sciences (internship) 1981-1984: postgraduate student - Ph.D. thesis 1984-1989: Researcher and Senior researcher in Neurointensive care dept 1989-2014: Deputy Director, Research center of neurology 1994-present time: Head of Neurointensive Care dept 2014- present time: Director, Research –°enter of Neurology. 1993-D. Med. Sci 1998- Professor of neurology 2016 -Member of Russian academy of sciences (Academician) 2009-Laureate of Russian Goverment Prize in Science field M. Piradov is the author of more than 600 works and 19 monographs including: Guillain-Barre syndrome (2003, 2011), Stroke: diagnosis, treatment. prophylaxis (2008, 2009) , Intravenous immunotherapy in neurology (2011), Neurophysiology of coma and disturbances of consciousness(2015), Neurology of XXI century (2015), etc. - all in Russian.

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