Volodymyr Kucheruk



Born October 16, 1968. He graduated from Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute in 1991, majoring in "Automation and Control". In 1995 he defended his thesis for the degree of Ph.D. on "Research and development of information-measuring system Mechanical Electrical Machines" ( 05.11.16 Information-measuring system). Associate Professor of Metrology and Process Automation ( IPA ) in 2001. In 2006 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science on "Informational -measuring systems technical diagnosis of electromechanical energy converters" ( 05.11.16 Information-measuring system). In 2006-2010 he worked as a professor in the MIA. Since 2010 - Head of the Department of IPA.  Member of the academic councils for defense of and doctoral theses. Member of the scientific and methodological subcommittee of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine specialty "Metrology and measuring technologies ." Member of the Advisory Board of the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine directly prorodnychyh and Mathematics. Academician of the Academy of Metrology Ukraine . Awarded Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration for his outstanding contribution to the training and education of students , training of highly qualified specialists. Main research interests: - Energy technologies; - Systems of diagnostics and control; - Metrology and Measuring Equipment; - Automation of technological processes

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