Country: Russia

Keywords: atherosclerosis, liopoprotein

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ResearcherID: J-4838-2013

Orekhov Alexander Nikolaevich, biochemist, researcher, was born in Putivl, USSR, June 30, 1949. Married, Natalie Mikhailovna Orekhova (D’yachkova), June 25, 1976. Children: Alexandra, Veronica, Gregory, Barbara, Elisabeth, Nina, Nikolai, Nika, George. Ph.D., Moscow University, Moscow, Russia, 1978. D.Sc., Cardiology Research Center, Moscow, Russia, 1998. Professor of Biochemistry, Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology, Moscow, 2006 Junior Researcher, Moscow University, Moscow, Russia, 1972-1977; Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, Leading Researcher, Cardiology Research Center, Moscow, Russia, 1977-1998; Leading Researcher, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 1998-; Director, Institute for Atherosclerosis Research (Skolkovo), Moscow, Russia, 1992-; Laboratory Director, Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology, Moscow, 2003-; Professor Fellow, Laboratory in the Center for Epidemiology and Preventive Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacological Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Milan, Italy, 2011-. Recipient Forschungspreis, Martin Luter University, Halle, Germany, 1987; Young Investigator award XI World Congress of Cardiology, Manila, Philippines, 1990; Outstanding Scientist of Russia, Moscow, 1993. Member of American Heart Association, Russian Scientific Society of Cardiologists, European Atherosclerosis Society, International Atherosclerosis Society. Russian Orthodox.
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