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Air Quality, Emissions from Combustion, Coal, Industrial Wastes

Xavier Querol (2014-04-03)

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Web from IDAEA

Xavier Querol (2014-07-21)

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• Born August 24, 1963 in Morella (Spain). Married with two daughters. • Degree in Geological Sciences, University of Barcelona, 1986. • Bachelor Degree, Extraordinary Award Honours Degree, University of Barcelona, 1989. • Doctor of Geological Sciences, Extraordinary PhD Award, University of Barcelona, 1990. • Post-doctoral researcher 1990-1994, initially in CSIC then with the UK National Environmental Research Council (NERC-BGS, Keyworth) in the EC Human Capital and Mobility Programme (equivalent to current Marie Curie). • Tenured research scientist (Junior then Senior) from 1994-2004. • Research Professor at CSIC since 2004. Since 2009 at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, IDAEA. • Since April 2012 to April 2017 Scientific Coordinator of the 23 centres of research on Natural Resources from CSIC. • Scientific Advisor (since 1999) to the Ministry of Environment regarding European Directives on Air Quality. Lead author of the report ‘Scientific and Technical Basis for the National Air Quality Plan of Spain’ which formed the basis of the AQ Plan approved on November 4, 2011 and April 2013 by the Council of Ministers of Spain. Member of Expert Groups on Atmospheric Particulate Matter of DG Environment of the EC and United Nations (UNECE). Vice-chairman of the United Nations Scientific Committee-CLTRAP EMEP (European Monitoring and Evaluation Program, Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution UNECE). • Actively involved in the scientific assessment and remediation of Aznalcóllar mining accident, in the environmental and health assessments of the industrial areas of Huelva, Campo de Gibraltar and Bailén, and in the design of quality improvement plans from Castellón Industrial Ceramic Estate, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and L'Alacantí. Advisor to the Madrid City Council (on air quality) and to AirParif (Paris concerning source apportionment of PM). • Member of the HRAPIE and REVIHAAP SAC from the World Health Organisation. Temporary Advisor of WHO in 2018 for reviewing health effects of desert dust, road dust and biomass burning PM. Temporary Advissor of WHO for the First Wold Conference on Air Quality in October-November 2018. • 1999 Barton A. Thomas Memorial Award, University of Kentucky Centre for Applied Energy Research. • 2009 Environment Award from the Government of Catalonia in recognition of a scientific career focused on plans to improve air quality. • 2013. Rey Jaime I Award for the Research for the Environmental Protection.

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